You don't like it, but I'll take it anyway

Wolweereen: TALL GODESS !!!!

Arp-619: What's lady's name's

Hechador Sexual13: In the headers, it mentions a couple of things I must have missed; like: interracial. To me they all appeared to be Caucasian, although the brunette woman might be partially Afro-Italian or Afro-Fraco, I'm not truely certain. Also, it mentions 'big-ass' but neither of the women looked to have that large of a derrierre (at least in my opinion.) Does anyone else disagree with me on these points?

Mrprettywork: I would've fucked both women & made them eat eat each other while I'm giving them big dick

Tyranze: 7:15 is how you get a bitch mind right so end up with 11:07

Dutchanal: The brown haired girl is stunning. Nice cumshot in the end but i had expected some more lesbian action.

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