Jayd141: The name on their cam page is Lettali , they are i believe eastern European.... and they are all amazing!!!!

Jimbo4Life: I would take all 4. Of them on

Tobias Graham: their cam name is modanna or some shit but dont bother trying to do dirty talk cause these gals do not skip a beat in banning people. I asked how often they did cam shows and I got my ass taken out immediately

I Ish Asian: in the thumbnail the two on the viewers right looks like Lilly from Hannah Montana, and the other kinda looks like Miley herself lol

Nelkushor: the girls are from Moldova, Republic of )) 100%

Jasonho09: The 2 on the right are a french couple from Cam4, cant remember there names though, just remember because of the blonde.

Captain Daikyo: Some sluts from CB

Carlossilich: I'm kinda sure they're not french... one of them looks very much like HotFallingDevil...

Broadsword357: Gorgeous anuses on these hot sexy girls! May I please lick their buttholes out?

Justwankin: What's the pink thing hanging out of their pussies?

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