Vintage Japanese Miai Kobato 5

Murfee68: Excellent

Seb9903: One of my absolute favourites - she is a natural!

Lutaw1726: full movie name ?

Lespogirl: Very beautiful

Supremesexmaster: Look at that purity... I wanna marry woman like her.

Sledgehammer2018: such a lovely girl

Lespogirl: Take me home with you Miai

Unicornio Alado: True japanese vintage. Look at her hairy armipts, like true japanese royalty at the time. A princess probably. Also, her partner's penis must be really small because we never get to see it and I would like to know if he has a big or small penis.

Greebles: The first half was priceless, but then she just call crawls on top of him and starts fucking him for the last half – nothing but fucking!
Fucking bores the shit out of me in these things because it looks like nothing but a battering ram.

Fuck Your Brother: beautiful

Thời lượng: 31 phút

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