Vintage Classic Gay Movie 5

Billyblondeboy77: I love the jeans on those slim skinny hot boys bodies......and the buldges.......oh yeah....those were the days.....oh yeah...just enough to drive a gay guy crazy.....oh yeah.....

Coach Greg V: This movie was called the experiment. In I believe 1972

Eleot: Hot.

Mylittledink: Why can’t they make porn like this. This is so much more then just porn. It tugs at your heart, you remember your first sexual experience, the first time you came out to your parents, how scared you were, and if your lucky, (like I was) how excepting your patents were. How you cried, when they excepted you, and how they told you they loved you no matter what.

Lets69Together: Awesome story took those hot guys many guys to suck fuck and shoot their loads of cum knowing their very first time to make love together was meant for them to be lover's for all of eternity. Awesome story finally a great story line to follow their road of having awesome sex with others knowing in the end they would be together forever. Thanks for posting.

Metro610: Love these vintage videos. Never understood the corny music, but I think they are hot nonetheless.

Cumforyou79: Please suck my cock like his

Vaneo17: absolutely great movie...i love it. wanna suck some cocks now and feel them in my ass

Sdot58: That was actually a good little flix

Muckerone: Vintage! Slim long haired dudes have always been my fantasy since HS & College.

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