The mothers I'd like to fuck Vol. 9

Lisaanncunt: I know her boobs have had some work, but her nipples are still sexy as fuck. I'd love to lick Nina's tasty looking pussy and asshole. She still has great legs and great cock sucking skills. Not bad for a soon to be 59 year old porn queen.

Incognus: the woman who single handedly started my fetish for older women

Wantsome531: I'd like to do her !!

Rayensunshine: Eat that ass

Squar3Por: My pussy wants his dick

Capt Dagde: Young Nina looked just like my high school sweetheart. I first jerked off watching her videos more than 30 years ago. Damn, that lady still has it.

Jason1975: if nina hartley were begging for me to fuck her, aint no way id say no

Mikeyjoness: Love nina!

Blkfire: Id love to kiss Nina

Rez333: I would like her asshole clean just because of who she is and she's a nice person in real life too.

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