Tera Patrick – Randy West

Sirbondage69: Tera Patrick was sooooooooooo hot before her boob job. She had D cups, she didn't need it.

Steve6167: Sadly she went and got her entire right arm tattooed. I see tattoos and I just lose any interest in a woman.

Currently69Ing: Randy West is a fucking winner. I hope he lives forever.

Lal-Sang-Liana: My first ever favourite pornstar

Thisnthat42: Randy West had the most masculine jaw line and shoulders. Is he still alive?

Dlsl: Yes I can’g stop jerking my hard dick

Clark0509: I would love to cum inside of tera

Chrisxx3: Old fuck doesn't deserve to fuck such a wemon

Kokie2013: yes i love this video

Kidblasian89: Saw her and got a photo with her + autograph at NY Comic Con. So fucking hot, and her tits are hypnotic as shit

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