Teen boys first time

Amol Malik: Utterly charming first time setting. The top had a wonderfully long pencil dick. Both twinks' bodies are beautiful keepers. Great pacing in the scene. Full body contact topping your bottom boy is my favorite feeling (26:54). skin on skin top to bottom as intimate as it can get, best feeling The top guy is super continuously keeping up the fucking action a LONG time. And at the end he shot/sprayed a huge load.

Zachtoronto: Beautiful!

Onlyboys123: Wow both were hot

Robertjjohn: I want to get fucked like that

Ekg3570: Damn that top has a nice cock!

Femboy2019: who wants to fuck me

Adam2050: You never forget your first boy!

Irkcpat: What happened to it being one of thems first time? It was sweet & innocent & the boys gave way more than their 100%. It's just too bad the camera crew let them down & didn't perform but 50%. No penetration shots, no close ups. The camera crew screwed them big time!

Milwaukeewis: Hardly first-timers! Lol

Linius-Albus: Like the way Martin sucks cock, and I love that cock he's working.

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