Redodo: Man please tell me where you put the camera at in the toilet and what kind did you use?

Vmx12: 26:00 had a delicious meaty pussy

Cucurigooo: 26:00 the best girl!

Pussy Sniffer: great video :)

Freezeyou: Could you tell me how you set this up?

Mkbigboy: Good to see that everyone needed to go to the toilet, not just sitting there and not peeing :smile:


Mkbigboy: Just what I like to see, pants down, sit, go to the toilet, wipe, pants up....next girl.
So we get to see as many people as possible peeing :smile:

Sonnygl: If only they knew we were looking up their ass they would throw an angry fit.

Mrkarlsson: very nice but no sound

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