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Roblove1110: she is so cute. love this vid. if she is still an escort I would book her anytime

Auh2Oluvr: The guy sounds like he's in a Monty Python skit. But Sarah, she's hot!

Littlebillylee: You need to take that dick all the way in your mouth while he is pissing baby.. make a great film!, give the viewer what they want baby!

Marks1958: Very nice piss swallowing girl. Looks like she likes it too.

Pissman Uk: Sarah. Used to escort in UK as Sarah from Hull. She's done a couple of scat vids, too

Jasonator5: She's Hot as hell and loves enjoying herself!
I would fill her daily!
Need more unashamed fun chicks like her :sunglasses:

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Maxxox: I remember she had a really good video where she deepthroats a cock and pukes up noodles :P Great pissing in that video, but can't find it anywhere :(

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