Pig Television

Mambaman1: Wonderful!!! ive been wanting for a european version for ages since the japanese bukkake tv was released. Are there more of this kind? whats the name of the company and is there a series of videos like this??

Wankoverporn: how did they take so long to cum?

Cuntpoker: Japanese women are much more beautiful. Not easy to jerk to these Euro girls

Cunnilingus 4Lyfe: Perfect use for these dumb whores, get your work done and take cum loads, and make sure to say me too.

Dipshitmotherfucker: This is wonderful! I am a pervert!

Earl Cahill: Stupid cum pigs

Rhapsodx: Finally a western version. But they still don't know how to do it! Japanese are better at it, especially Maria Osawa!

Giannaisaslut: So here in Honolulu we have an enbarraassment of riches in the newsbabe category! This is for you Steph, and Brigett, and Kelly, and Gtna, Tesia; and the white girl on KITV with Tesia who always looks like she JUST got fucked, and respectfully to you AKANA you still are must see tv, and ALL of you I forgot but would fuck amd forget,,, thefogettablefuckables I see all the time,THIS IS MY Hope FOR THINGS TO CUM! Norah O'Donnell are you paying attention?

Freeman993: The first girl is so sexy.I came so hard.

Qwddfcv: Blonde name?????

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