My Sons Wife Needs Money Complete Hope Harper

Phantombarghest: KB literally has the best fantasy vids. They're well acted, well thought & well planned, & he creates pronominal scenarios. But I need to see the creampies (CPs). This was one of those POVs where we’re part of the action but don't see anything. This is the last place I should post this b/c this vid is a different genre. KB, you're an 8/10, some vids are 9/10s. Show the CPs, you'd be the constant 10/10. Maybe most vids u play a younger part, so we don’t see CPs, don't know, but we need the CPs.

Rcole82: This is why the military has allotments.

Marshallesque: Enough with the unnatural looking boob jobs.their not sexy

Stri5Ker5: roleplays are always my favorite videos and having sexy Hope Harper in them is hot as hell.

Whatisername: Fakesex? Realy?

Mrdarko213: enough with same location and same positions and fat old guy playing a young dude not natural at all

Funeralbill: UGH, she got implants...well, enough of her :disappointed:

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