my friend had NEVER SQUIRTED… until THIS MASSAGE! Watch her FIRST TIME! (traveling in BRAZIL!)

Mrhfp: She was very greedy for your cock. Don't know how you have the restraint not to rip off your shorts and feed it to her!

Blackhorseeo9: Do you take interns ? love to work with you man

Nitzy89: why i see u guys like a couple.. is she your ex?

Sam7S: My friend Brian, I just have to catch you watching your videos. I realized that you are not resisting and kissing the models.

Orangeindian: Please do BDSM fingering, tie her up, like we are your big fans, I am sure people would love it if you could use a bit of HANDCUFFS or Restrains, coupled with lite tickling, PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

Tryonce69: Magic hands :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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