Johnny Rebel – Anais, Mimi (aka hatsumo aka kim soo ah) (13-may-2005)

Captainhentai: Its so obvious that the guy enjoys stroking his cock in the asian's girls dirty shithole. He wasn't even interested in the white girl. Good thing the asian girl allow him to enjoy his dick in her asshole while she feels uncomfortable

Todd: Dude loved the Asian chick, he wouldn't let the white chick near his cock right before he was going to cum LOL

Assfuckingaileenandloan: The Asian bitch Mimi was born to be asshole fucked. She is one amazing gook anal whore. Damn I'd save up 6 months worth of cum just to blow it all in her sweet Asian shit hole.

mike: more joihnny rebel

Maldino64: great ass on the western chick,what s her name???

Cruzeirensegay: Não sabia que o cantor BELL MARQUES havia feito pornô!

Bukow Chinaski: Johnny Rebel... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! T'as une bonne tête de vainqueur, toi !

Boygoza: GOZEI -GOSTOSO================

Thời lượng: 25 phút

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