japanese d. can t stop squirting

Jaufle: Some one translate as far as I can tell there is some horny squirting pussy sickness going around hope it reaches the US

I Love Mature Men: I saw a subbed version of this and it's something about this kind of illness that makes women constantly horny so everyone just fuck them to help them out (even family members lol).... I love Japanese they're so fucked up

Nbqp85: The Sqirtening. Lol. Japan really knows how to make porn. Minus the blurred genitals

Qualabear: What the hell is going on with this woman. I've never seen any human, this orgasmic! Even if they were on drugs? Is she, and if so, what? I've seen multiple squirting, but never like this. Why so many public places too, and people act like it is nothing? So many questions.

Pussystretcher89: it's the law in japan

Shrillnijago: What schools is this I want to go there

Da Hard One: Pretty good flick, this bihh squirts everywhere for everybody, wish they wouldn't have blurred it otherwise worth the nutt. Lol

Hansnl: She is very beautiful.

S68698K: so amazing

Peternaai: I left a load of cum :sweat_drops: from the start of the video... Asians are the best when it comes to making Porn... I swear I want to be on this film.

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