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Bripuk: The canings needed to be more severe. Bottoms like these can absorb far more punishment without suffering any real harm.

Nudydd: Far too mild.

Reddog331: 2 Naughty and pretty school girls spanked and caned for Illegally downloading music on the school's computers. Strapped over the whipping bench for the caning one is so scared and nervous she begins to urinate.. The cane is laid on hard and her bottom rounds jiggle as her punishment turn red and stripes show justice being meted out.

Leather-1: I like belting their cunts.

Openrider: Nice spanking

Tarkus1940: Fast forward to 25 minutes before the action starts then it is all pretty tame

Addict476: Gorgeous girls but they should have been caned, or preferably paddled, harder.

Spankedswitcher: That's how all young ladies should be brought up: caned into obedience ans submissiveness!

Blackcardi1: I take it in between cane strokes someone came running in with some red lipstick and applied it to the backsides, lots of screaming, why?

Matahari2: really liked this vid

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