i am a victim of his long term a. he slaps the s. out of me fucks my shallow cunt and ass without preparation so it always hurts pulls me around by my fat tits and keeps me in a state of abject misery i and 039 m addicted to the a.

Painslut29: Both of you are straight up my ally. His understanding of sub psychology is exceedingly rare. He deserves worship. She is exquisite. I only wish there were room for me in their scenes.

Evanditch: 27:55 so, do you guys have a safeword or..?

Peterpan7873: You both are awesome and to be able to found someone to share your passions with is special to witness take care guys you're awesome

Openmindeddude: I love how different you 2 are from most. A clearly defined situation and mutual consent with safe words :clap: :clap: :clap:. This is real, that counts for more than most think. Well done :thumbsup_tone1:

Zedofthedead: Wow she is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not big into BDSM, but I liked this a lot, especially the end. I like seeing the real person of each and I can see the truth of how much you care for each other. You don’t really ever see that in porn. You show that you are real people.

Rayden53: this is so beautiful and perfect. you guys are so good. the way this came off is so real. I felt that there was no acting involved both of you were so invested into the scene.... I love you guys and I'm a huge fan

Amabananabang: Bravo you two :clap_tone1::clap_tone1::clap_tone1:

Blank1991Fuckmemorebitches: So I gotta ask this: What makes a good dom? Is it just being forceful and abusive to your submissive, or is there more to it than that? I ask because I'm just getting into this.

Absinthdog: .... I'm a bit vanilla aren't I :smile:
What I absolutely loved was that after I watched the whole thing and was with mixed feelings of conflicting likes and concerns, mostly about the questions of boundaries and wether it was truly consensual and I wasn't witnessing real abuse, what I loved was that you came on with your dom with a bright smiling face and you both started talking in depth... It reassured me x

Pubft5: One of the best scenes by an amateur couple I have ever seen! I was able to get into that head space with you and believed in every emotion she put out! That's rare. She is also super cute when she is talking afterwards. I rarely comment but I had to on this

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