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Seeping Semen: He's spying on her before, during and after her bath, presumably because he wants to fuck her, but then takes next to forever to take her bed clothes off... even though it's crystal clear that she's co-operating. THEN... he toys around with her pussy, when ANYone knows that the first thing any young man would do is 'plant the flag'... bury his cock in her cunt and fuck a load of come into her. But not this yo-yo. (more to come)

Seeping Semen: Then Mom takes his undies off and, lo and behold... the guy whose been stalking her pussy DOES NOT HAVE A HARD ON!! Better yet, she sucks his cock and licks his balls and.... STILL no hard on. Who's the half-assed director who wasn't smart enough to see the blatant stupidity in that scenario? A sharp 12 yr. old would have noticed it and wondered why he didn't have a fucking hard on.

Pacoskate12: Ren Ootsuka (Ren Fukusaki)

Tobeone72: fukusaki ren

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