Dymes 3 – Ayana Angel and Carmen Hayes

to ricky: regardless if other men like eating pusdy, the question is do you? if you like then enjoy it and do it. trust me there are very few women who will complain about a man wanting to please them and is happy to do it. just like men don't want to have to beg for head nor does a woman. if you like doing it watch the thickpipe video on this site. a man who seems to enjoy it and has mastered the art of it as well.

ricky: I just won to know if a guy licks pussy and likes doing it is that bad or do girls like it I licked my girl out and all her friends find it funny shes 21 im 18 and just so u know im black

bbd: can we get some new shit of Ayana, instead dickheads posting the same vid ten times

Blackpearlfukn: Hands down, my favorite menage scene ever. I don’t feel like dude did them justice.


Laudicarla: Incrivel gata...

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