Daddy Got Me Tipsy HD

Killasqueeze: You know I can jerk to porno anytime, but you fuckers make it weird. Like who the fuck says I hope my daughters a little cumslut just like her? That's just. Fucking a. You guys are fucking weird.

Row626: Nothing hotter than a girl in glasses and a ponytail

Boobhound: I love how she kinda plays hard to get, and acts like she doesn't want it, but doesn't stop him either. And she keeps calling him "daddy" through the whole thing, but not in the typical porn a real daughter kind of way...HOT!

Tisulikalivehere: Wow Nice..............

Ladylike69: Daddies should break in the pussy. Bet if they could more of them would stay 2 raise them

Imalilslut: I want him to be my daddy

Redheadedteen: I think it's funny how he pretends he didn't want to get her pregnant. I'm pretty sure all daddies want to make a baby inside of their young teen daughters

Sexylittleminx: I want a daddy like that fucks me all the time;)

Funeralbill: That ASS is PERFECT!!!!

Instantdreamlandrebel: The first time my Daddy fucked me, we were tipsy. i think i became an addict, to Daddy's cock, not the booze, lol.

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