Candy the Freak Hoe

Sinner420: Damn those shits on her ass instantly turned me the fuck off!!!

Eatindapussymakinucum: this bitch needs some antibiotics they couldn't pay me to fuck a hie with bumps and blisters on her ass fuck thaaaaaaaaat

Brockvf: What up wit dat girls ass, she need sum medical attention and dis guy fuck her and now he's got some shit

Kenyanbootylover: Gonna need some penicillin afterwards

Westonash29: This video is one of the best of all time.

Pinkallure: wtf Is all that shit on her ass.. ewwww

Sir-Smashington: That was horrible. Bitch feet were so black that they had to try and clean them. And those ass bumps were a huge turnoff. That dude must hate himself.

Escobarcezzar: Had a few bitches like this one. Some of the best three hole sluts ever. She was 2 much for buddy...

Bigdre520: His face is going to fall off for eating that bitches bumpy ass. fucking gross

A-Kumfreeek: Call a dermatologist NOW Yuck !

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