Seta626: Chinese gay is so cute !!!

Nl07: Hate the music, but they're handsome/cute

Dirtydety: How cute these two guys. But I've never thought I'll cry in x videos. So sad the music……

Gaybotviet: top is so cute and handsome. He's absolutely my type :smile:

Suarmj: Very hot .Nice boys

Sora Drama: Quả nhạc xin vl
Best music.....

Huangrunhua: 这BGM是什么养生节目吗:speak_no_ev

Namjin 199406: Necesito gemidos pero igual me encanto el video la mayoría de hombre que van a su servicio miltar terminan declarandose homosexuales y eso me encanta

Norismith: 为什么要有bgm

A917665778: 没这bgm多好,原声妥妥的

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